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Below are some references we have found useful in our study of God’s Word.  Talley Road Baptist Church does not imply any endorsement of these sites or other sites linked to them.

On-line Bible study tools and other Christian services and products

On-line Bibles and biblical references

Official site of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

Biblical Discipleship Series 1 - 16

Talley Road Baptist Church is now providing the messages from our Wednesday night and Sunday services. The audio and slide presentations are available for download below. Messages for 2020 can be found here, and for 2019 can be found here.

03 Jan 21 AM

No Fear This Year

03 Jan 21 PM

A Year To Build

06 Jan 21 PM

It Is About the Message

10 Jan 21 AM

The Joy of Salvation

10 Jan 21 PM

The Bible Is the Word of God

13 Jan 21 PM

No Other Gospel

17 Jan 21 AM

Behold the Lamb of God

17 Jan 21 PM

Our Stewardship

20 Jan 21 PM

Called By God

24 Jan 21 AM

How Could This Happen

27 Jan 21 PM

The Titus Test

03 Feb 21 PM

Faulty Faity

07 Feb 21 AM

The Time Is Now

07 Feb 21 PM

Putting Your Sights On Jesus