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Below are some references we have found useful in our study of God’s Word.  Talley Road Baptist Church does not imply any endorsement of these sites or other sites linked to them.

On-line Bible study tools and other Christian services and products

On-line Bibles and biblical references

Official site of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

Biblical Discipleship Series 1 - 16

Talley Road Baptist Church is now providing the messages from our Wednesday night and Sunday services. The audio and slide presentations are available for download below. Messages for 2023 can be found here, 2022 can be found here, for 2021 can be found here, for 2020 here, and for 2019 here.

03 Jan 24 PM

Denials of Christ

07 Jan 24 AM

God's In Control

07 Jan 24 PM

When the Body Pleases God

10 Jan 24 PM

Christ Before Pilate

14 Jan 24 AM

Hiding From God

14 Jan 24 PM

God Is Always On Time

21 Jan 24 AM

Courage To Share Your Faith

21 Jan 24 PM

Reviving A Retreating Church

24 Jan 24 PM

Christ Sentenced To Die

28 Jan 24 AM

Where Is Your Faith

28 Jan 24 PM

What Does God's Truth Do In Our Lives?

31 Jan 24 PM

It Is Finished

04 Feb 24 AM

What Is That To Thee

07 Feb 24 PM

Testify of the Living Christ

11 Feb 24 PM

No Second Chance

14 Feb 24 PM

Then Came the Evening

18 Feb 24 AM


18 Feb 24 PM

Why Christians Don't Have Revival